PRESS - Murmuration Festival

To apply for a press, photo or video pass, review the guidelines below and proceed to the Official Application Form. To be considered for a press, photo or video credential, you MUST BE ON ASSIGNMENT with proof of coverage secured. We will contact your editor to confirm your assignment upon receiving your application.

One application per person. Media, photo and video passes are limited and not all applications will receive approval.

If your application is approved, you will receive complete check-in and on-site details. Additionally, if you are approved for a media, photo or video credential, you will be required to sign a release of liability and/or a media release prior to receiving your credential.

Applications are due Friday, Sept 9, 2016. You will be notified of your application status by Friday, Sept 16, 2016.

A Press Pass provides access to the ticketed areas of the festival and the press lounge only. The Photo Pass allows access to the ticketed areas of the festival, the press lounge and into the photo pits at the discretion of festival producers, music talent and thought talent. Video Pass access is determined by coverage plan and committee approval.

TELEVISION AND RADIO STATIONS: Be as specific as possible about coverage plans, and any on-site broadcasting you wish to do. This includes onsite team size and equipment accommodations. Each team member will be required to submit an application for appropriate pass.

PRINT AND ONLINE MEDIA: Priority will be given to applications which include full details about reach, audience, volume and circulation. If more than one member of your team will be required for the assignment, please indicate this in the coverage plan. Each member is required to submit an application for the appropriate pass.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Any photographer wishing to apply for a photo pass must be on assignment.  We will only credential photographers with SLR, detachable lens cameras. Point-and-shoot cameras will not be permitted in the photo pits, a policy enforced by security.

VIDEOGRAPHY: Video cameras are approved on a very limited basis. Of those approved, video camera use is restricted to the media area and on-site with an escort from the festival. You will be required to request escort time in advance of the festival.

Festival Media Contact:

Direct additional questions to Danica Babb at

Please DO NOT contact us with questions regarding the status of your application.  All applicants will be contacted with confirmation or denial of the request.

Thank you for your interest in Murmuration!