Yowie - Murmuration Festival


EI Sound Stage
Sat 09.24
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM


Since 2000, Yowie (St. Louis, MO) has been perfecting a unique form of progressive rock that incorporates polyrhythms, guitar dissonance, and odd metered grooves over the course of two studio albums and performances in thirteen countries. They are currently at work on their third LP.


Christopher Trull – guitar
Jeremiah Wonsewitz – guitar
The Defenestrator – drums


“In all of my musical listening, I can think of few bands that have had the same baffling effect on me as Yowie…in terms of musicianship, composition, and style- Yowie are incredibly impressive. If you’re open to a more dissonant and twisted shade of rock music, “Damning with Faint Praise” is highly recommended”  / Progsphere

“Warning: This album is strongly prohibited to persons with cardiovascular diseases, back or spine problems, recent surgical procedures, or pregnant women. Yowie is not for the faint of heart; it is a dazzlingly technical freak-force to be reckoned with…It is a beautiful cooperation of two well-versed guitarists performing sonic brain surgery on their audience, backed by wildly unpredictable drumming, complete with the utter demolition of his cymbals.” / Playback STL

“In the midst of some of the most virtuosically talented and respected musicians playing today, Yowie is singular…Watching them live is like witnessing a reptile birth a human; utterly perplexing, yet amazing…. Their songs move like symphonies, each one crafted in parts that come together to sound like time-lapses of a day in your life. The dual guitars warp around each other, the necks being bent, the floods of notes sounding at times like your uncle choking, then laughing, then wrecking his car…It is mind-bending music.” / kdhx.org

“To call Yowie an acquired taste would be a flagrant misrepresentation. Yowie is not something you can acquire…Music like this can’t be made by mere people and yet, you couldn’t write a computer program capable of producing this kind of brain damage. It’s so grand in composition but honed and microperfected until words like “tempo,” “rhythm” and “melody” become meaningless abstractions.” / Riverfront Times

Select Discography:

Cryptooology (2004, SkinGraft Records)
Damning with Faint Praise (2012, SkinGraft Records)